Innovation flops in LAs

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Several local authority chief execs met last week with industry gurus to discuss technology advances, such as cloud services and how to innovate for efficiency.

It was a worthy attempt at educating the people who take the decisions.  The feedback was clear.  All effort is focussed on cost cutting exercises, there is no appetite for innovation.  It was such a predictable response that one can question the value of attendance.  Perhaps the accompanying hospitality helped.

If the same view is echoed across all Councils, then the Innovate phase in “Better for Less” will not get out of the starting block.   A shame, because it is the only way forward.  Most CIOs won’t attempt to convince their leaders; nobody will want to rock the boat in a rough sea.

How can  innovation funding be extracted from tight budgets?



  1. […] Innovation is needed to kick start the economy, but the old ways are holding back growth. The public sector has been hit by budget reduction.  Large suppliers to the public sector are being squeezed in contract renewals and replacements.  Nobody is demonstrating an appetite for investing in innovation or intrapreneurship. […]

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  2. […] perfectly reasonable for sustaining operational services, but not for promoting innovation.  Better mechanisms are needed for innovating our way out of the current financial crisis. […]

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