Personal Data Overload

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The Mydex white paper on “The Case for Personal Information Empowerment” advocates personal data stores.

Personal Data Stores are a service to the individual. With a Personal Data Store, the data sits on the side of the individual under the individual’s control; data is collected and stored in the individual’s own database to be managed and controlled by that individual for the individual’s purposes.

Personal data stores are what I have been advocating for years. I even went to the extent of visiting the offices of PAOGA.  However, I don’t yet fully trust solutions that rely on servers that are reputedly uncrackable. I certainly don’t trust my ability to provide a secure database on my own machine. What if my antiphishing protection is one or two steps behind the hacking industry. I might be happy with something on a physical storage device in my pocket (encrypted, of course). Maybe mobile devices need that little bit extra.

For a bit more of background have a look at this blog.  It has a lot more techie background than I can handle.  Paul Trevithick must be a wise guy – he picked the same WordPress theme as me.


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  1. The Mydex White Paper very much reflects the thinking of PAOGA.
    I also don’t trust claims that a server is ‘uncrackable’, there are too many examples reported in the media of seemingly safe data silos being hacked, either externally or internally. The solution is not to strengthen the firewall (a ‘challenge’ to the hacker) but to reduce the ROI. More about this on my blog.

    Comment by Graham Sadd — 08/10/2010 @ 1:09 pm | Reply

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