Private data theft?

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People Are Our Greatest Asset, so says the privacy champion Graham Sadd and PAOGA.  I quote:

Your Identity is more than just a number.

Protecting Identity and Respecting Personal Privacy requires a collaborative internet infrastructure between individuals and organisations.

You are what you know, what you do, what you have and what you want. Your Personal Information has value and, like the cash in your wallet, you need to protect and use it for your benefit.

  • When you provide personal information to an organization in return for enjoying the benefits of, say, a loyalty card, are you aware of what other information about you and your transactions they are adding to that data?
  • Are you happy that they are ‘selling’ your data to other organisations who may well be selling it on to other, less reputable organisations?
  • Do you know what data they now hold about you and if it; is accurate?
  • Do you realize that personal information about an individual UK citizen like you is stored in, on average, over a thousand data silos around the globe?
  • Are you surprised that many copies of your Personal Information are not encrypted?”

My greatest asset is my personal information.  I want to be in control of what is released, when and to whom.  Suppliers terms and conditions are too liberal for themselves and do not adequately protect the customer.

These unfair T&Cs should be outlawed – or even in-lawed.  If you want a product on-line, you often have to agree to conditions that do not apply in retail outlets.  Perhaps a more active political lobby group could start thinking about this.


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