Route to SharePoint Shambles

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The Kingston University IMKS Forum on 15/10/10 gave two examples of councils implementing SharePoint (SP).

ONE: SP was “free” so every department used it. Result, uncontrolled tagging and not effective as a valuable source of Council wide information.  Another Council said that they had tried earlier versions which did not add value.  My experience at yet another council was similarly uninspiring.

TWO: Decided to publish and enforce SP guidance for classification scheme, record sets and retention policy. Result, confidence that it will be effective – but it is taking significant investment in time.

RECOMMENDATION, agreed by all at the table: Governance for SP must come first or expect a shambles.

Another public company illustrated the high value of enforcing a process that destroys data after an appropriate period.  They were faced with demands to see every single email over the past 12 years that mentioned a person’s name.  It cost thousands to undertake the searches.  In one of their systems they now delete data in 24 hours, so they can now reply promptly to a Freedom of Information requests with honesty “We do not have electronic data for the requested period.”

To me, this illustrates that reliance on off the shelf technology without implementing a full process of information governance is an unwise strategy. Plan, collect, validate, store, protect, analyse, correct, dispose:  miss any one and you may regret it.


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