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“UK consumers are spending almost half of their waking hours watching TV, using their smartphones and other communications devices.”  So says Ofcom.

Ed Richards gave a an eye opening review of the Communications market at the Internet Governance Forum last week.   When he also said that “Facebook accounts for 45% of total time spent using the mobile internet“, I was shocked to realise how much I am out of touch and out of time.  Perhaps I pay too much attention to Robin Wilton’s Twitterfeed @futureidentity to risk going anywhere near Facebook.   But it hasn’t put off the majority of 15-34 year people from trusting their private lives to the Internet.

Somebody said that Germany was considering legislation that would prevent employers from using self-inflicted social gaffes as input into recruitment or disciplinary processes.  I hope that the UK fights against this over-regulation if there’s a hint of it becoming an EU directive.

The day finished with the wheeling in of a Minister, supported by a cohort of young minders.  Doing the sums, the Ministry of Culture Media and Sport must be the most important minister to most of the people for most of their time awake.  Who else governs so much of the time spent on leisure activities by the young, healthy, old, infirm, employed and unemployed?  As with all good politicians, Ed Vaizey was cheerfully evasive. When asked “what should be the speed of our super-fast broadband network?” He replied that Tom Watson keeps asking him the same question, but he won’t give him a straight answer.

Does that make it a bent answer?


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