Cabinet Office Nut Cracker

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Ian Trenholm, Chief Executive of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, spoke in most relaxed manner at the Kingston University IMKS Forum last week. It was mostly about the benefits of improving transparency eg £500 contracts.  I don’t think they will ever wish to go back to the old levels of secrecy.

My question was about digital democracy and individual voter registration. It’s one of my many governance interests – and will continue to pop up in my blog.  Ian told us the story of a lady going to a polling station and asking to vote.  She had no knowledge of how voting works nor how to get on the electoral register.  How many more people are entitled to vote, but don’t have a clue what to do?  What if you can’t read English, or small print – or even if the “head of the household” is equally ill-informed?

Ian’s comment was “in a sane society, this is nuts“.  He said I could quote him.

Because of my participation in Eurim’s Voter Registration sub-group, the Cabinet Office “Electoral Registration Transformation Programme”  got wind of my interest.  Much to my shame, I confess to have been unaware of its existence.  I am actually very pleased to hear that something is happening – well at least until tomorrow’s cuts are announced.

Will the Programme crack the hard nuts of information sharing?

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