Twitterrhea revulsion

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The Broken Telephone had a piece about Twitter and  “thousands are endeavouring to change the poor decisions being made in Westminster and elsewhere, and which continue to affect our daily lives.”   This was to rebut Malcolm Gladwell’s article in the NYT about Twitter not being a valid tool for important social change.

I did not originally understand Twitter. The only answer was to try it.  As you can see, if you are reading this page, I have found a useful role.  It’s the electronic equivalent of bold type headlines in a newspaper.   People can click through to my Quarkside blog, https://lenand.wordpress.com/, with the minimum of effort. If they are not interested, there’s nothing lost.

Governance is not exciting or fun to most people.  My headlines are usually ambiguous – bad news sells news media.

I use Twitter to follow people with good ideas. One in ten may be worth following up. I stop following twits reporting the state of their bowels. Diarrhea, verbal or otherwise, is not my cup of tea.  In some countries Twitter could cause a revolution.

@pferdy to see how I use it.


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