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Since governance matters, all local authority Chief Execs and CIOs should read this hard punching briefing.  SOCITM concludes that the cost problem of cost can be solved by

  • collaboration, reformation and innovation;
  • ownership and control of information shifting towards individuals not organisations …
  • shared services provisioned over the cloud

They even extend Liam Maxwell’s strap line “better for less” as  “achieve more, better, with less”.

More important are the six principles to take us forward in a reducing budget environment

  1. Portfolio and programme management
  2. Information management – architecture, standards, assurance and security.
  3. Public Services ICT Infrastructure – Public Sector Network (PSN) and cloud provisioning, including shared data centres and applications.
  4. Shared services and supplier management.
  5. Access devices.
  6. Sustainability and green ICT.

I like it better than the incomplete ICT life cycle in “Better for Less”,  but I must declare an interest as a member of the SOCITM Futures group.  Innovation cannot take place without Chief Executives ring fencing of funds in a managed portfolio of projects and continuing services.


  1. Questioning why many councils only pay SOCITM so they can read an annual report about why their own website stinks might reveal some savings too. How much of this ~$1.6m spend of taxpayers money would that account for then?


    Comment by PaulG — 25/10/2010 @ 4:49 pm | Reply

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