Cyber Conning – or Cyber Silliness?

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Half a billion is a lot to me – and anybody with the time to read this blog.  Have we been conned that it is worth that much to increase levels of cyber protection? @StewartRoom alerted me to this article from the Guardian web site: How do we counter cyber attack? That’s the £500m question

Is it enough? The apparently US government spends between $6bn and $7bn annually for unclassified cyber-security work and about the same on the classified part.

One view is that we are being conned by the “military-industrial complex”.  Another is that we need it to engage in threats of mutual cyber destruction – like nuclear deterrence.

The problem is that we are involved in asymmetric warfare, and the cost of attacking is currently so much less than the cost of defending.  What we need is, lower cost defences.


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