GB SIF supplier shines in US Cloud

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The US of A now offers hosted systems interoperability services via SIF.  It is interesting that a British based group is leading the way, Pearson.  They acquired one of the leading suppliers of the interoperability hub (in this world of acronymic jargon it is also called a Zone Integration Server, or a ZIS). Pearson must think that there is an economically attractive future for SIF, even though it is based on open standards. Brands like Prentice Hall, Longman, Addison Wesley, the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group do not grow without a high level of corporate commitment.

Pearson also must believe in the GCloud strategy of the UK coalition government.  In the US they offer a choice from two hosted service options to districts (closest to UK local authorities, but not exactly equivalent).  This allow districts and schools to customize their SIF requirements while Pearson hosts it.  Isn’t this what we are trying to achieve to minimise costs? Whilst I can’t speak for SOCITM, this approach is in line with their published policy.

One of the benefits of hosted solutions is that trials and pilots can be used to help in assessing requirements with a minimum commitment of future funds.  The time can be used to build up a benefits case and demonstrate the areas of saving achievable. Even in the long term, hosted solutions are likely to prove to be most economical, with many schools, local authorities, other agencies and DfE sharing the cost of a SIF infrastructure.

Such innovative suppliers should get moral support from DfE, not risk having their business throttled.

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