No2UID for ID Schemes

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Identity Documents Bill 2010-11.  Thanks to Mike Ballard for the link and highlighting:

A small number of provisions in the 2006 Act – unrelated to ID cards – reappear in the Bill. These cover offences relating to the possession and manufacture of false identity documents such as passports and driving licences. The Bill also re-enacts data-sharing provisions in the 2006 Act designed to verify information provided in connection with passport applications.

Does that mean that the bathwater has gone and the baby remains – or vice versa?  Every provision in the bill should be both challenged and supported – by different groups, of course.

No2ID has plenty to say.  Far less ranting than I was expecting – measured and reasonable.  “The Bill is a good start. With some bad features. Were clause 10 deleted and the re- enactments modified along the lines we suggest then we would support it wholeheartedly. But it is not sufficient to remove the threat of a National Identity Scheme from Britain.”

Clause 10 “… is a huge enhancement of the database state and mass surveillance. No case has been made for it. The most plausibly effective change in Home Office issue of passports, a check for a ‘social footprint’ via credit reference agencies, was introduced several years ago without it. The power is unnecessary and undesirable in itself, but in a broader administrative context it would facilitate the reconstruction of an ID scheme in a slightly different form, based on the passports database. This has actually already been proposed by several advocates of ID cards, including David Blunkett.”

So, the debate centres around the purpose and use of the Passport database.  Re-use of data is an obvious way of reducing frustration in citizens who are repeatedly asked for the same information – and often suffer the consequences of inaccurate recording.  An all-singing all-dancing data base is not an acceptable UK solution.  However, it is perfectly reasonable to cross-check, and extract data from, high quality data sources such as held by the IPS.  You don’t need a UID (or root identity) but identification will benefit from triangulation methods based on combinations of facts and assertions.

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