SALTIS shakes DfE tree

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Another champion of standards is Crispin Weston, chairman of SALTIS (Suppliers Association for Learning and Technology In Schools).  In response to a blog on the  NAACE discussion forum he recently said:

“Anyone following this thread may be interested in the open letter I have sent to Lord Hill on behalf of SALTIS, available at http://www.saltis.org/papers.htm. I am hoping that when lines of communication with the DfE reopen, SALTIS and SIFA can cooperate on a more productive and less bumpy approach to handling interoperability in future.”

His frustration at the quality of guidance from the Department is not unique, telling us:

“I agree that the lack of a substantive response is everyone’s frustration at the moment. But I suspect (hope) that this is not a sign of cloth ears, but rather a function of the new government sorting itself out, ministers taking their time to work through their “in” trays, and this particular issue never having been very high on the political agenda. I hope that substantive decisions will start to be taken as budgets get allocated in the Spring. In the meantime, I guess it can’t hurt if we all keep shaking the tree.”

I suppose Quarkside is just another of these tree shakers.  But, perhaps it should not have required a letter to a minister.  There’s no great policy concern. It is only professionals wanting to do a better job for the education community.  We all agree that standards should be used for all levels of interoperability, and I am sure that the Minister will agree.  That leaves the issue with the departmental civil servants.  They should be helping educationalists to do that better job, not putting the brakes on collaboration between suppliers and users.

It is the officials that should be accountable for the detailed strategy and provide sensible advice to what is, effectively, 27,000 buying agencies. Educational resources and administration both need standards. It is only sensible to do it with central support and user consultation.  The publication of inaccurate findings is not helpful and has delayed the adoption of reasonable standards.  Both SALTIS and SIF need useful responses from DfE.

Education is naturally fragmented and it needs some super glue.


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