PASC 11: Plea for Information Governance leadership

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The eleventh of the Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) 12 questions, asks:

11. How appropriate is the Government’s existing approach to information security, information assurance and privacy?

The question is limited to a small part of the much more comprehensive field of Information Governance. But taking them in turn:

  • Information Security: Developing federated identity management is critical to future efficiency.  Trust between all departments, agencies and local authorities should be high on the agenda. The model that links authentication, credentials, authorisation and consent is incomplete. Isolated departmental strategies should be coordinated and leadership demonstrated to synchronise disparate initiatives.
  • Information Assurance: SOCITM has a good route for assessing and promoting Information Assurance in local government. See .
  • Privacy: has many pressure groups that will no doubt respond with their own reasons.

The main point, and it can be applied throughout all the PASC questions, is that Information Governance is much wider than just Security, Assurance and Privacy. The Government’s existing approach is too narrow and needs to be broadened into a policy framework that leaves no holes. Eurim attempted this approach. The Information Governance group looked at Basic Principles. This holistic approach to broad information governance can be summarised in one sentence:

“Information Governance is the setting of objectives to achieve measurable outcomes by people using information assets in a life cycle process that considers both risk and time constraints.”

Information Governance standards could be, and should be, developed by the Government CIO. Then there will be a baseline for quality assurance at all operational levels of public service.


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