Gartner re-defines “New”

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Gartner talks about “Twenty-five New IS Competencies” in a publicatio by Marianne Broadbent and Ellen S. Kitzis.  This list of twenty-five basic IS competencies, includes six technical, nine business-based, and ten behavioral.

What baffles me is the glossing up with a clearly inappropriate adjective “New”.  They all seem completely familiar and must be at least 40 years old.  It’s a misuse of the English language as I know it.

Having said that, the follow up advice is acceptable:

“You can use this list to carry out the competency analysis just described for jobs in your IS organization.

Although this list is unlikely to fit every organization, it can serve as a useful starting point. Regard it as a guide from which you can develop your own tailored set of competencies. Once you’ve identified a short list of the competencies that really make a difference for a given role and described each one at four levels of performance, you’ve created the role profile for that job. A role profile identifies the competencies and corresponding performance levels required to fulfill that role satisfactorily.

Don’t set unreasonable or unnecessarily high standards. You are better off selecting just the competencies that truly make a difference and set performance levels that are high, but not supremely demanding.

I have no doubt that they will run “Executive Programs” that plod through the 25 old competencies and people will wonder if there is a mistake in the title.


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