Google Gotcha: Monopolies make mayhem

Google has been a favourite company for many years.  Is it now behaving too much like the Microsoft monopoly.

Like Microsoft and their ridiculous ribbons, Google Maps has got worse:

  • They have removed some handy buttons on a toolbar for toggling between optional views and facilities.
  • They have provide a useless set of floating boxes (large) that obscure the map.
  • The blue route maps have disappeared.
  • It is much less useful than before and there is no option to revert to the perfectly adequate older system.
  • There is no way of communicating with Google to express objections or get support.
  • It seems as though they have got an excess of developers with whizzy ideas, time on their hands and no concept of how to maintain customer satisfaction.

Computer Weekly also informs us that Google are moving to 2 factor authentication.  Let people have the choice.  Let people understand the risk and take a personal decision about whether to stick with a single factor.  Perhaps they do not understand that some people do not live by mobile phone wherever they go.

With so many people using Google Applications, they are becoming a de facto standard with enormous marketing power.  There is a greater need for ensuring that previous implementations are compatible.  Look at the havoc caused by different versions of MS Office not interoperating sensibly.  Look at the high cost of IE 9 now following the international standard and ceasing to support earlier deviations.

Monopolies need scrutiny and governance.

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