eID: Chaos Compounded

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The EU has tried to bring some order into the confused world of Identity Management, Electronic Identities (eIDs) in particular.  In the UK’s insular way, there has been little reference to the detailed research completed last year on the State of the Electronic Identity Market.  Again Toby Stevens pointed the way.

Page 38 merely scratches the surface of the problem.

eID ecosystem

No wonder that many mere mortals at Eurim meetings have problems in deciding what to include in a message for MPs.

  • How many civil servants are aware of this detailed research and are each of the departmental identity silos including it in their policy and strategy documents?
  • Who has the time to read and understand all the implications?
  • The area is so complex, why doesn’t the UK Government set up a single, authoritative, font of knowledge about eID?


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