A Tale of Two Summits

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It must be the season of summits.  Quarkside attended two in one week.  “Get Safe Online Summit” and “Oracle Business Analytics Summit”.  Both events were free to attend.  Both had good locations, Portcullis House and London Bridge Hilton.

One affects most of the UK population, to the estimated cost of £27 billion per year.  The other was targeted at FT100 companies planning to improve their profits.  Both had a great line up of speakers, Francis Maude spoke at one of them.  It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to predict which was the better attended.

Get Safe Online” has been campaigning for seven years to educate people about Internet safety.  There are some serially nasty criminals out there and the campaign aims to heighten awareness by adding a logo on as many web sites as possible.  By unscientific observation, there aren’t many around.  More people should be shown the video of one day’s work by Trend Micro.  They created an Android App and installed it on a smart phone.  The app cheerfully sent one premium call per minute, ad infinitum, until the owner notices a multi-thousand pound bill.  Sneekily, the app intercepts incoming texts from the premium number.  Infection of work based portable devices is an easy target.  The room was half empty (probably 50% no-shows) and there were lots of sandwiches left to feed the birds.

“Oracle Business Analytics Summit” did have a Home Office speaker, championing the democratisation of Business Intelligence.  Progress is slow, but sure.  However, within four months, Betfair has developed a system that can perform 7 million transactions per day; personalised by real-time decision making.  This can be while a horse is approaching the winning post – or you can bet during a penalty shoot out.  No wonder Betfair was worth 1.5 billion in the IPO.  Also pretty fast was the analytics hardware, a 40 core processor with 1 terabyte of Dram. It chomps through 900 million in-core records in the blink of an eye.  Oh – and you can run it from an iPad on the Web.  Would you like one or two for your Cloud Service, sir? The rooms were chock-a-block, elbow room only, and the demand for food could not be satisfied.  With only 15% no-shows, the venue had difficulty coping with the 300 or so that did show up.

It still seems that new whizzy technology still attracts an audience, but getting safe online doesn’t warrant many people leaving their offices.




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