What’s in a name? EURIM

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For many years EURIM has been influential in information technology policy in Parliament.  It is obvious that the acronym, recently exposed as European Information Market, has passed its sell-by date.  The secondary name became the “Information Society Alliance”, and that has now been replaced by the “Digital Policy Alliance”.  Perhaps this is destined to become the new primary name.  But beware, this could become the DPA.  If so, it risks becoming confused with the Data Protection Act.

They have launched a new website at http://dpalliance.org.uk/, with a strapline ‘informing policy for a competitive, inclusive, networked society“.  Great aspirations, but avoid using the site on small mobile devices such as smartphones. The layout is too wide and complex, needing enlargement and sideways scrolling.  The font sizes are small, cramming more on a page, causing problems on small laptops, too.   The website is thus less inclusive than it could be.  Any visually impaired users of the site will have problems.

SOCITM, for a soon to be launched Website, decided to commision a simple 2 column design with the main text, on the left.  It will automatically resize to the device screen size. This avoids the cost of a special redesign for mobile devices.  Old school graphics designers don’t like this style – they place artistic impression ahead of usability and accessibility.

Digital Policy, to be inclusive, must respect the needs of the visually impaired.


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