£21bn Cyber Crime cost contradicted

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Cyber Crime (eCrime) is global, but it needs local solutions.  It needs political will to engineer a major reduction in eCrime.  The problem is that politicians need to recite credible evidence to justify expenditure to their key constituents, eg citizens and small businesses.  Such evidence is reviewed in a report published by Cardiff University, “eCrime Reduction Partnership Mapping Study”.

One of the authors, Dr Michael Levi, launched the review in Parliament yesterday.  In wanting to avoid headline-catching assertions, he obliges you to read the 80 pages to extract any gems:

  •  Estimated losses to UK business of £21billion (Detica and Cabinet Office) do not “meet acceptable quality standards”.
  •  The size and scale of eCrime is unknown and good data is not collectible;
  •  Criminals profit from eCrime, with tax and welfare being the greatest source of income;
  •      SMEs and individual victims do not get any justice response, nor do the Police plan to provide it. Malware, phishing or illegal copying are not on the radar.

On this evidence it is difficult to imagine that many politicians will be inspired enough to lead on promoting local eCrime reduction partnerships formed from police, business, government and local authorities.  Self-help may be the way forward, but how do you inform people of the true risks and methods of avoidance?  It may be practical to initiate a scheme like Neighbourhood Watch, but sustaining success would depend on charismatic leadership – not on bureaucratic data collection and dissemination.  It is a fact that the offer of advice creates fear, and the perception that things are worse than the evidence suggests.


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