Get all the URLs into a room!

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The Internet of Things may eventually enter the vocabulary of Members of Parliament (MPs).  But as Dr Julian Huppert, MP, pointed out, the eyes of MPs glaze over at the mention of digital technology.  He was not joking when he said that in the debate about child protection, there was a call to get all the URLs into a room for a meeting.

The use of acronyms adds to the confusion when they could have alternative meanings.  When discussing the protection of IP addresses, an MP can be forgiven for thinking it is about the protection of Intellectual Property addresses.

The point was well made at the beginning of yesterday’s meeting of the Digital Policy Alliance (the DPA, not to be confused with the Data Protection Act).  If digital technology terminology is to permeate policy, then DPA publications must be clear and have value to MPs in their constituencies.  This enabled the meeting to massage the message into five topics on the Internet of Things (IOT), not to be confused with the Internet:

  • Business
  • People
  • Government
  • Privacy
  • Infrastructure

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