No room for oldies

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The Default Retirement Age (DRA) was abolished with effect from 01 October 2011. NYCC has adopted an Employer Justified Retirement Age (EJRA) to address existing workforce demographics by attracting and recruiting under-represented groups to vacancies where it is appropriate to do so.

Don’t expect to keep working after age 65, even if you haven’t built up a pension. Age discrimination is live and well.


Having thought a bit more about it, there is no change as far as an employee is concerned – but there is additional bureaucracy for employers. They have to concoct a new policy, set up measuring mechanisms and monitor successful application of the policy. At least with the DRA there was no opportunity for argument about age discrimination or unfair dismissal. SMEs will not be able to afford setting up an EJRA – who will not have the resources to refresh their staff of octogenarians.

The big employers will have no problem with age discrimination, it will just cost them more to administer in the HR department.

What happened to DWP’s policy encouraging older people to continue working after the DRA?

“in order to allow people the choice about when and how to retire.”


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