Nuclear Power needs Governance too

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Quarkside has focussed on Information Governance.  But there’s a bigger world outside and far more important is the governance of world energy.  The different methods of production have different impacts, but the battle to reduce carbon dioxide emissions must be high priority.  The technology most likely to succeed is nuclear fission – currently based on Uranium and pressurised water reactors (PWR). Hinckley Point will the next in the UK.

The new kid on the block is Thorium based energy production.  The main reason for the lack of development is that it does not produce Plutonium, necessary for nuclear weapons.  In the ’60s electric power was not the priority for government grants.  Now, Thorium reactors could steadily consume the stockpile of unnecessary Plutonium – making the world a safer place.

The UK Parliament is now taking an interest via the All Party Parliamentary Group on Thorium Energy. They have an important job to make people aware of the advantages of Thorium energy and dispel some of the fears of “Nuclear”.  Visit the site to find references to more information, such as the Weinberg Foundation and the Thorium Fuel Cycle.   It may take 20 years to make an impact on fuel poverty, but better later than never.



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