Google risks Gmail defections

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The new Compose is a serious threat to use of Gmail.

It is so trimmed down as to be unworkable. Things like sending address, to: CC: and BCC, reply to all, attach a file and even more, were easily viewable and usable with one click. Now it is several clicks through meaningless icons. It is a hindrance to productivity. Fewer clicks and comprehension wins over blank space every time.

The old screen, which used words, is impossible to re-find.  The very least should be a clear option to choose.  In their defence, it may be easier to use on a small screen smartphone device and that may be their most lucrative target market.  However, they could easily identify the screen size and adjust the presentation to suit.

Their user interface design team should take note of the differing needs of their clients, especially the elderly – who disengage if change disrupts their normal behaviour. Randomly moving a mouse pointer brings up new icons, which may or may not be useful.  What is wrong with showing all the options available?



eBay unfriendly to use of gmail as email consolidator

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Unfriendly eBay sent this to me.

Oops. We weren’t able to send your message to XXXshop, because the email address you used to send this message, XXX@gmail.com, isn’t linked to your eBay account. 

To keep eBay safe, we need you to send messages from a registered eBay email address. This will prevent your messages from being blocked in the future.

I have no wish to record my gmail account with anybody other than Google.  It’s part of my Spam identification mechanism.  I give every supplier their own email address for me to track down misuse, such as passing on details to a Spam generator.  It has worked, to the embarrassment of a major software company.

Does it really make eBay any safer if  it blocks unregistered addresses?  They know who I am.

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