Dismal outlook for public amenities

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The Local Government Association (LGA) has published a most depressing scenario of what the public can expect from Local Authorities (LAs).  It is all based on the projected funding for 2019 – 2020.

They have looked at “unavoidable statutory obligations” as the foundation and deemed  it to cover social care and environment(waste) only.  Look at the rate that non-statutory services will have their funding reduced.

Projected service money

So that means a reduction of two thirds for treasured things like leisure.  Here’s a percentage view. (Note that schools are excluded).

Shrinking services

The other nasty curve they have produced is the anticipated funding shortfall, based on current projects.

Funding Gap

Nibbling away at reducing the cost of ICT isn’t going to solve this problem.




Data Protection: MoJ ignores most of the public sector

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The Ministry of Justice has called for evidence on the EU Data Protection Proposals.  They are seeking the views of “data controllers and data processors, rights groups and information policy experts or anyone with a professional or personal interest in data protection“.  Quite right – they have asked over 150 organisations to answer a lengthy questionnaire.  They have selected an eclectic mix of companies from Abbey Quilting Limited to Yahoo!  Many are understandable, such as No2ID and the Information Commissioner’s Office.  It is the omissions that are mysterious:

– Virtually no central government departments have been asked.  One would have expected HMRC and DWP should have some evidence – not just the DVLA.

– No representative organisation from local government, such as Solace, LGA or Socitm.  But there are a few individual local authorities such as Norfolk County Council.

When these organisations collectively record personal data for every single citizen, surely they should have been asked.  It is not an issue of politeness – but politics and policy.  Information governance must include the key stakeholders – not just an apparently random selection.

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