McCluggage GCloud Revival

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Bill McCluggage, deputy Government CIO, confirmed that the GCloud is not dead at the Cloud Conference on June 21st. But it does still need definition. The problem is converting policy into practice.

The proposed governance regime, where there is some measure of mandation, is primarily concentrated on six large ministries: Home Office, DWP, HMRC, MoJ, DoH and MoD. They will be expected to consolidate data centres and purchase from an App Store. The omission of Education, BIS, FCO and DCLG raised a few eyebrows in the audience.

When questioned about the absence of 450 local authorities in the governance regime, he said the job was big enough with six agencies without contemplating adding the diversity of local government. He did, however, refer to “Planting the Flag” without directly refering to SOCITM. So he does endorse the strategy (referring only to Joss), but not as part of his public presentation.


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