#IOT: Passive Path to Protection

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There’s a lively growth in the Internet of Things (IOT).  The prices are crashing down and manufacturers can see profit in the huge numbers of sensors that will be deployed.  The costs will be low enough for families to contemplate installation in the homes of elderly relatives.

Most old people prefer to stay at home in familiar surroundings.  But they are still at risk and unobtrusive monitoring is needed give reassurance.  What is a passive monitoring service worth? What might it cost annually?  Compared with spending £40k – £60k on full time care in a residential home, IOT monitoring has both financial and well-being benefits.  Everybody is a winner – plus the Health services, who will need fewer days of frail people in hospital.

IOT is part of the pathway to more years of safer life at home.telec

The ideas are simple – the implementation is complex and needs partnership.



Integrating Social Care and Health

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The Government has mandated the integration of health and social care services by 2018, potentially imposing a financial penalties for siloed services.  Good.  There is a budget of about £1bn to ensure there are integrated projects in every part of the country by 2015.

Who is going to lead it in locations where services are delivered?  How is the funding going to be allocated?  These questions do not seem to be answered.  Quarkside suggests looking again at the Framework for Multi-agency Enviroments.  It does not give the answers – but it has a method for bringing all the issues together.  Perhaps the Local CIO Council may give some leadership.

The elderly and their families are most likely to benefit.  Two separate industries, for telehealth and telecare, are growing rapidly.  The new political direction now opens an opportunity for telehealthcare, extending the period older people can remain safely in their own homes.  An integrated service should support all levels of the Kaiser Pyramid.

Observe the need for technology that has to transition from Self Care to Professional Care.  Be aware of the interoperability requirements as more complex monitoring has to be added with increasing risk.  Families will need telehealthcare products that are simple to use.

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